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Mytholmroyd and Cragg Vale sleeve

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Cragg Vale

This 2016 film entitled ‘Mytholmroyd and Cragg Vale’ is the fourth in the series ‘The Valleys of Calderdale’ which celebrate the ‘Pretty Gritty’ landscapes of those valleys and villages which straddle the main Calder Valley.

Old Cragg Vale picture

Starting in Cragg Vale, following the Heritage Trail, the film highlights its natural beauty as well as its historical past, exploring the industrial legacy with David Cant giving a guided tour of the astonishing number of mills which once flourished there. The importance of the Hinchliffe family to the valley’s history is detailed with a close look at Cragg Hall and New Cragg Hall.

Roland Ramsden’s ‘Ramblings’ are used to bring the more recent past to life. The notorious ‘Cragg Coiners’ are featured and there’s a tour of the church of Saint John in the Wilderness.


Entering Mytholmroyd the film explores the reason for its settlement. The remarkable story of Thornbers and it's world dominance of the chicken industry is featured and the imaginative adaption of their properties into business parks. Other firms which have been unique to the valley are explored, including Walkleys Clog Soles, Moderna Blankets, Royd Ices and Russell Dean’s Furniture Store.


We visit the World Dock Pudding Championship and the outstanding Mytholmroyd Gala as well as the busy sporting scene, including bowls, tennis, cricket and football. There’s some excellent footage of when the Tour de France came to town and also, unfortunately of the Great Flood of Boxing Day 2015


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