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My Calderdale sleeve

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This Pathways’ film for 2020 ‘My Calderdale’ again shows our vibrant local landscape in all its glory as we meet fourteen of the most interesting people from around the area. We have a new writer and host Trevor Simpson who has taken over from our original but now retired presenter Ray Riches. Details of the personalities are below and hidden amongst the text, just for fun, are titles of seventeen ‘pop songs’. How many can you find? Please let us know how you get along.

David Bull

Filmed in downtown Soyland with David, a leading authority on the Hollywood movie, ‘The Great Escape’. He tells the true story of the film and that motorbike jump by Steve McQueen. The film includes unique footage of the re-enactment of the jump in Bavaria by Guy Martin, along with fascinating facts about the original movie director.

Phil Fearnley drone pilot

My camera never lies and Sowerby Bridge based television drone pilot Phil Fearnley agrees as he tells of his work on ‘Gentleman Jack’ and many other popular TV programmes. His local footage of the area from the air, including the flood in the Calder Valley is graphically shown, together with his other television work; walking with Julia Bradbury and working with the cast in Yorkshire of the popular TV soap, ‘Emmerdale’

Landlubbers group

Guitar man Simon with the combined voices of The Landlubbers, from the mills of Halifax bay, present their locally inspired music on film for the first time. Expect to hear ‘When Glory Shone Around for FC Halifax Town’, ‘Wainhouse Tower’ and the premiere of a new song, written especially for this film of "My Calderdale" is the song " With Love, From Calderdale".

Sarah and David Campion Squash players

We are the Champions, not the Campions, should be the heading for Sarah and David, the All –England squash duo, from Stainland. Both represented England at top level and are now coaching squash in Halifax at Queen’s Sports & Fitness Club. David is currently the England National Coach for the forthcoming 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

Rachel Fisher-Ives picture

It’s almost worth breaking a leg to listen to the music played by Rachel on Hospital Radio Calderdale. She explains everything about Hospital Radio, which began in 1981 and the new challenges facing this outstanding local charity in the coming years. Music was her first love but the programme output of Hospital Radio Calderdale is something for everybody and really is a friend at the bedside.

Sanjiv Buttoo

Sanjiv, filmed at Spring Hall, began broadcasting on Hospital Radio Calderdale in mid-1980 and is now the Managing Editor of BBC Radio Leeds. He explains about the challenges his parents faced as they became the first Indian family to settle in Halifax and how his charity work at Hospital Radio gained him a start in ‘real’ radio, disproving the saying that video killed the radio star.

Derek Quinn

Derek, the lead guitarist of 1960s pop group Freddie & The Dreamers, tells of touring around the country singing to packed audiences at the height of Beatle-mania. Hear his stories of performing with Dusty Springfield in Halifax, travelling the world, having a Number One hit in America and even meeting John Wayne in Hollywood. Add to that previously unseen cine film shot by Derek on tour and featuring Roy Orbison; it’s a theme for a dream you cannot afford to miss.

Roger Harvey

The full story of the development of the Halifax Department Store, Harvey’s of Halifax, is told by Roger and illustrated by vintage photographs of the store and from around the town centre. He explains his role in the creation and development of the Piece Hall into the crown jewel of Halifax and explains his visions for the future.

Roger Davies singer

Brighouse singer/songwriter and highly creative artist, Roger, sings a couple of his songs, ‘Brighouse On A Saturday Night’ and ‘Peter Brooke’s Paintings’ as well as talking about and showing his own amazing artwork. He displays the power of love as he talks about both his artwork and his songs and explains about his inspiration from Brighouse legendary painter, Peter Brooke.

Gemma Drayton

Gemma, filmed in Bradshaw, proves that ‘Calderdale Rocks’ in an artistic way. Painting and hiding rocks around the area is a new and growing pastime with each artist displaying their own themes. Gemma demonstrates hot chocolate on her rocks and looking at her realistic artwork, you have to agree that every one’s a winner.

Brian Rayner

On the Wuthering Heights of Midgley, Brian explains what it takes to be an international body-building champion. His dedication to keeping fit has enabled him to become a leading figure in the world of physical exercise, with trophies to prove it. Still active as a Personal Trainer at Queens Sports & Fitness Club he demonstrates exercises to ensure flexibility and aerobic fitness can be achieved by everyone.

CROWS in Calderdale

Filmed on the top of the world above Todmorden, Rich Peters tells the remarkable story of his team of volunteers maintaining the walkways around Calderdale. There’s no travelling light when manpower is needed to carry materials miles across the moors to repair steps and paths across the rugged countryside of western Calderdale. CROWS are surprised on the film by receiving a donation to their cause from the Trustees at the Bearder Charity!


Ray Riches

Ray, from Heptonstall, has presented fourteen films for Pathways and is an iconic personality throughout Calderdale. He tells his story of being a teacher, actor, theatre director and a hiker having completed the American Pacific Crest Trail from the Mexican Border in California travelling way up north to Alaska. Now retired, he is currently courageously fighting the effects of Parkinson’s Disease and his story is an inspiration to us all.

Wilfred Pickles

The film ends in the playground of Parkinson Lane Community Primary School, where Halifax broadcasting legend Wilfred Pickles, attended school. His relatives tell of the Halifax Civic Trust ‘Blue Plaque’ to be erected in honour of Wilfred who presented a Friday evening show on the BBC Light Programme from 1946 until 1967.

Twenty million listeners were enthralled every week by the show, ‘Have A Go’ and all our Calderdale people in the film have given an answer to a question asked on the programme by Wilfred. Who got it right? All is revealed at the end of the film.


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