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This 2nd Volume in the series "Aspects of Calderdale" takes a look at 15 different subjects throughout the area ranging from Bowling to Bells, Brewery to Brass Band and Water Skiing to Waterways! It is the 18th film of the Pathways "Collection" and we hope you enjoy it.

View of Todmorden

Starting in Todmorden with the St Mary's Church bell ringers and possibly the oldest bell ringer in the world, we also visit the Lucky Dog and the Todmorden Bowling Academy in Centre Vale Park where Peter Carrigan explains how the sport is resurging in the town and the greens are being used again.

Aerial view of Robinwood Brewery

Back in February 2017 drinking buddies Chris and Dave launched The Eagles Crag Microbrewery in an old cotton mill in Todmorden. Most of what they produce here in the valley is drunk here in the valley by the very grateful and thirsty locals. However, as Chris and Dave tells us, some of it does escape to other parts of the world!

Archery tournament in Hebden Bridge

After visiting Mays shop which is a truly Aladdin's cave at Colden, the Old Chamber camp site above Hebden Bridge provides us with a breakfast with a view to die for! We take in a Longbow event at the White Rose Archers at Hebden Bridge and meet a true UK champion.

Calderdale Industrial Museum Halifax

After taking lunch at "The Secret Cafe" at Luddendenfoot we move to Halifax and the Calderdale Industrial Museum where Bernard Wadsworth takes us around the many rooms of vintage machinery. This introduces us to the ancient Halifax Gibbet and it's grizzly stories.

Brighouse and Rastrick Band

The Brighouse & Rastrick Brass Band is visited by means of the rehearsal room and Derek Broadbent the writer of "The Floral Dance" tells his story. Onwards to the only Water Skiing Club in Calderdale at Cromwell Bottom near Brighouse where a close up view of a slalom is filmed.

West Vale is the home of the "Halifax Track" model car racing circuit where your small scalextric circuit is magnified onto a full size circuit under UK race rules.

Wainhouse Tower Halifax

The story of Wainhouse Tower is our final subject, one of the tallest "follies" in the country the general public can ascend the 403 steps and enjoy magnificent views. We also take a look at the canal system and reservoirs in Calderdale along with the drought conditions this year.

Ryburn Valley Reservoir

Magnificent Drone views throughout the film bring the beautiful landscapes and countryside of the valley into your home.


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